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One more powerful reason purchaser’s need representation

Falling head over heals in love with a house can be dangerous. It can cause purchasers to often ignore or fail to realize potential serious problems of what could later be haunting obstacles starring them in the face.

Pay attention to the following story. A couple had recently purchased a home from a builder who constructs a handful of houses every year in another nearby state. By her own admission both she and her husband had failed to do their homework and hadn't checked the reputation of the builder. They didn't know anything about his background, such as, have there been any complaints filed against him? They hadn't asked for or checked any references and in fact, hadn't toured any of the houses he had constructed in the area except for the one they fell in love with and would later purchase.

Just before both she and her husband closed on the property, they asked to meet with the builder at the new house one more time. When they arrived they had a few questions which the builder seemed willing to answer without any hesitation. The final question they inquired about was: "Would you show us our property lines on all four sides of the house once again, but this time mark them off? We know we want to install a fence so property boundaries are important to us." The builder, one more time, paced off one side of the house (around 40 feet) and tied a strip of cloth to a tree there. He walked off the other sides and marked the land in a similar fashion.

This couple closed on the house, moved in and everything seemed fine until a few months later, when they applied for a permit to install the fence. They were shocked to find, according to the city, they had 15 feet of land on the one side of their house (not around 40) and the land wouldn't be available for purchase because the city owns it! Can you imagine, if you thought you had 40 feet and instead had 15?

Thru the years I have learned there can be unexpected surprises when purchasing Real Estate. One thing that often happens is prospective buyer's have the potential to get so taken up with a house and property, they so much fall in love with it, that they often fail to see any serious issues associated with the property until later, after the fact when sometimes it is even too late. I urge everyone reading this to understand you need a Realtor®. Don't go it alone when purchasing a house or land. Employ the services of someone who regularly does the work of Real Estate.

One more important thought: Many Realtors® websites are packed full of information to assist buyers and sellers with their Real Estate needs. I would encourage you to find a site that works for you. Why? The more information you read about finding a house and purchasing property, the more at ease you will feel in the buying process. You will be an educated buyer, avoiding costly mistakes. Feel free to take a look at my website. Rest assured, you do not have to choose to work with me in in order to use the site. Everything on the site is free and you will have absolutely NO obligation whatsoever in using any of the material for your personal benefit. Click here to go to my site...

Published Wednesday, February 20, 2008 6:52 AM by Dewayne Kirkman
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