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How to Quickly Prepare Your House For Sale

So you have to quickly prepare your house "For Sale". Many believe "quick" preparation to sell a house is simply about hiring an agent, slapping a "For Sale" sign in the front yard, then they are ready to go and the sale will just happen. Often this kind of individual fails to think about, "What is the real cost?" If you are to adequately prepare your house for sale, then you must consider the cost of time, the cost of labor needed to complete the work and of course there will be at least a small investment of money.  Here is a truth to remember: Getting your house ready for the market is no undersized project. For certain, it can't be taken lightly in this buyers market where you are more than likely going to see more than one "For Sale" sign on your street.

Here is what all home sellers must remember. First impressions must be a positive thing. It isn't enough to get a prospective buyer inside the front door. I've observed buyers in the past who enter, turn around and immediately leave! The goal must be to get the buyers walking the entire house. To do that your home must be adequately prepared for marketing. Here are some simple rules to follow, should you have to quickly get your house on the market that will make your house more desirable and ready to give an encouraging first impression.

First Rule: Say "Good Bye" to clutter! How much clutter you have, really depends on how you've dealt with it thru the years. Here is the good news: You can take what you have and donate it, sell it or simply box it and store it. Your home must be de-cluttered.

Second Rule: Get out the rubber gloves, cleaning supplies and clean your house. A clean home will help make the right impression. Some people will even employ a Maid Service. If you yourself are doing the work, while cleaning, care for things like refrigerators, laundry rooms, kitchen cabinets and drawers and especially bathrooms.

Third Rule: Sometimes we lack time for painting so try to get rid of marks on walls with a good cleaning solution or a light touch up with a paint brush.

Rule Number Four: You need proper lighting. Suitable lighting is a huge plus when marketing your home. I generally recommend hiring professional window cleaners to clean screens and windows. You can do it yourself, but if you are like me, there will always be some streaks you didn't count on when the sun comes up the next morning.

Fifth Rule: Think about drive bys and what people see. This means your lawn must be mowed and kept that way throughout the marketing period. All landscaping must compliment your house. Freshen up your decks, patios and the like. Don't forget some flower pots on the deck.

Just Something Extra: Bake cookies, chocolate chip cookies when you know there is going to be a showing. There is nothing like the aroma of something that smells good in the house. Perhaps you should leave some on the table for your prospective buyers. Included with the cookies might be a thank you note for viewing your home.

Published Thursday, March 20, 2008 8:09 AM by Dewayne Kirkman
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