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Feedback - Dewayne Kirkman Group

Please give us your Success Story of working with the Dewayne Kirkman Group!  It really helps others know whether they also want to work with us.

Give your Story, We'd love to hear from you!

To:  Dewayne Kirkman

What My Clients Are Saying About Me

"My family was relocating to the Traverse City area from the Detroit Suburbs. Dewayne did an amazing job helping us understand the area and the process. Even though we were only able to make the 4 hour trip up a handful of times, Dewayne used email, texting and phone calls to make the distance seem like nothing and to make sure we were always tied into the process of finding and buying our new home!" ~Dave & Megan R.


"Dewayne sent regular email's while searching for a home and always within my specifications. He was quick to make arrangements to view the properties and managed setting up the offer and sale without a hitch. Great job!"

~ Jeri G.



It was a pleasure working with Dewayne. He sold our home and helped us to find just the right house for our growing family in just the area we wanted. He stayed right on top of everything through the whole process. Dewayne also made it a point to listen to our needs and worked to meet them. We are very thankful to him.

~Jason & Kristin Juilleret


We had a great experience in the selling of our home. With the Kirkman group's expertise, we managed to sell our home in one day, getting our asking price. Not only that, but they assisted us through the paper work while we were at the other end of the country. We are very happy and would recommend them, wholeheartedly!

~Adam & Beth Vanhouten


Dewayne is very knowledgeable of the home purchase process and does so with honesty and patience. He is thoughtful of the client and willing to listen and help if needed. I would recommend him to anyone.                          

~Ron & Alison Bennett


Thank you for all of your hard work and perseverance with the sale of our house.  After it sat on the market for 2 years with few showings and no offers we were very discouraged.  Your advertising techniques and dedication brought many potential buyers through the house.  Your perseverance brought about the final sale.  We appreciate that you were truthful and informational during the whole process.  Your willingness to listen and address our concerns helped us feel at ease when we were uncertain.  Thank you for your kindness throughout the entire process. 

Brian and Angie Bartos
Carterville, IL

Thank you for the hard work and dedication you showed through the entire process of selling our home in Williamsburg, Michigan. When we decided to sell the home, we thought that it would be difficult because we were living in Florida but you put our mind at ease and did an outstanding job from start to finish! You handled everything and made it easy and worry free for us. We admire your integrity and trustworthiness and for going the extra mile to help us sell our home. We greatly appreciate the help you provided in getting some repairs done on the house before the sale. This sale wouldn't have happened without you and we are forever grateful. Thanks for everything!

~ Erik and Jessica Hanna

Thank you for your hard work


We would like to thank you for selling our property.  By the time that you had the opportunity to list our property, it had been on the market for 2 years. 

Because of your knowledge & persistence, as well as being greatly respected in the community, along with featuring it in the real estate publications, you were able to sell it. 

Thank you for a job well done!

Lyle & Windy Reed

Where would we be without your help.  We Thank You so much for all you have done for us.  And for selling out home, finding this condo for us to live in while we were without a place to go.  And also for our new house.

Tim & Celeste Singleton

I enjoyed working with Dewayne during the recent purchase of a property (land) in Traverse city.  He was knowledgeable of the market in that area and was quick and accurate in responding to my numerous questions.  He was truthful and honest and guided us through the negotiation process.  I would recommend Dewayne to anyone buying or selling a home or property. 

Thanks Dewayne, Ali Malekadeli 


Dewayne Kirkman is a realtor who actually helps you find the home you are looking for.  We had experience with other realtors and they all would send us information on homes that we didn't want.  He returned phone calls to us and walked us through the process of buying our home.  From looking at several to the final signing of the papers.  Thanks Dewayne for everything it was a pleasure working with you.


The Kelsey's

We have known Dewayne for a number of years, so we knew he was someone we could trust to help us.  He patiently visited house after house with us, month after month.  He kept us up-to-date on new properties, gave us a honest history of the homes, and responded quickly to our many questions.  He helped us find our new home, and we will be happy to suggest Dewayne Kirkman to our family and friends when they decide to look at real estate.  Thanks Dewayne!!!

~Drew & Brittany Peterson

I enjoyed working with Dewayne during the recent purchase of our property.  He was knowledgeable of the market and was quick and accurate in responding to my numerous questions.  He was truthful and honest and guided us through the negotiation process.  I would recommend Dewayne to anyone buying or selling a home or property. 

Thanks Dewayne, Eric and Judy Benson  

We found the condo we wanted on a local listing.  It led us to Dewayne’s website.  He was immediate in

his response to our call and showed us the condo the next day.  Dewayne was very instrumental in this

condo being ours three week later.  We were homeowners for 40 years and Dewayne Kirkman led us

through the process of becoming condo dwellers with assurance and ease.  He was knowledgeable, polite

and a real asset to our move.  Thanks Dewayne!

                                                                Jan and Duane Brege, Traverse City  


We listed our home with Dewayne Kirkman after two years of being unsuccessful.  We had an offer right away.  We sold the house and are very thankful to Dewayne in these difficult times.  He is very good at what he does.  He advertised very well and we want to "Thank You Dewayne" for helping us.
                                    Don and Sue Buckmaster, Interlochen, Michigan

During the toughest financial time period in my lifetime Dewayne Kirkman persisted in marketing my commercial rental space for two years. His dogged determination paid off recently when I was able to close a lease transaction for a new business to occupy my office space. He worked very hard for his commission and I am very satisfied with his successful efforts.

 Mike Lewis, Traverse City

I think you are wonderful caring realtor & explain things thru to each of your clients. Very professional.  I highly recommend Dewayne Kirkman.

                                                Elaine Christian – Traverse City, Mi.

Dewayne Kirkman was the third realtor that we listed our property with. We had no activity during the two years with other companies. A contractor who was working on the house, recommended Dewayne and so we listed with him. Through his guidance, the house sold in a very short time. He was helpful in so many ways and instilled confidence in us that he could find a buyer. We would highly recommend Dewayne if you are looking to buy or sell a property in the Travers City area.                                                                                                                                                                            Sandra and Wayne Daniels - Bath, Mi.

We just signed the closing papers for our second home sale with Dewayne. This is the highest praise - we came back to the person who was able to guide us successfully through the first sale, and through persistent effort, he has sold house number two. Thank you so much, Dewayne.

John and Norma Zelenko, Traverse City, MI

We really appreciate all Dewayne Kirkman's help in purchasing our house on a short sale.  I didn't realize how complicated it would be.  He is very professional and answered my many messages promptly.  Thank you.

Jim and Carolyn Barnett, East Jordan, Michigan

Our success story is.... my husband and I were finally ready to put our money into a home after years of renting.  Dewayne drove down from Traverse City to Ludington to show us all the homes that we wanted to look at.   As we were viewing each home he pointed out helpful information that we found very useful. Dewayne answered any question that we had throughout the process of purchasing our home.  He recommended a great mortgage broker who was wonderful to work with.  Now, we are so excited to move into a our first home that fits are needs, wants and budget!  Buying your first home can be very stressful, but Dewayne helped by keeping us informed and up to date on what was going on.  Thank you, Dewayne!

Emily Kanine, Ludington, Michigan

Dewayne was very efficient.  He kept everything up to date and re-evaluated based on the market.  Everything was done in the proper time and closing went well.

Jim and Rita Robinson, Traverse City, Michigan

Dewayne was very professional from beginning to end of the sale.  His biggest strength is that he takes the time to answer your questions (and I had many!) but at the same time he had a good way of emphasizing the truly important aspects.  With so many details in a transaction, it was great to have his straightforward and ethical guidance.

Susan Knapp - Perrysburg, OH

Dewayne helped us purchase our dream home.  The service and real estate knowledge was excellent and he certainly did a great job putting it together.  Thank you Dewayne!!!!

              Donald and Kim Schmidt  -  Grosse Point Shore, MI

Thank you for helping my sister and I negotiate a difficult sale on a bank-owned property.  I never realized how different such a sale is from the usual.  Through all the in's and out's, delays and repairs, you kept in execellent contact with us and the bank.  You also provided us with the names and numbers to good repairmen.  At closing, my sister was thrilled with the gift basket filled with goodies.  Your personal touch really makes a difference.

Barcley Owens, Ph.D.  - Traverse City

Being new to Traverse City my husband and I were not familiar with the area, nor were we familiar with the different styles of homes that are available here. Dewayne took the time to show my husband and I different models all over town so that we could get an idea of what we liked. After a good amount of research and house hunting we are now extremely happy comfortable home owners. Dewayne ALWAYS answers his phone and is always on top of things. We enjoyed working with Dewayne very much.


                       Mark & Rose Marinello - Traverse City, MI

  After renting for a year, my wife and I decided that we'd like to own a home again.  I met with Dewayne over breakfast one morning and told him what size house we were interested in, the price range we could afford and the location we wanted to be in.  Dewayne kept me updated by mailing me new listings and calling us when he located a great deal.  Shortly there after, Dewayne located a house in a nice subdivision that was a perfect fit for our family.  We got the deal we wanted and were very happy.

The rest of the story....

   Recently my employer laid off 40 percent of our work force.  I felt led to take a job in Alaska.  I contacted Dewayne and even in this poor economic time, he felt very positive that our house would sell.  Dewayne created a great sales package.  He listed our house on the Internet with numerous photos.  He also ran a picture add in the paper each Saturday.  Each month our house also appeared in a monthly real estate guide booklet. There were several showings each week.  Overall, our house was on the market  for a little over three months before we accepted an offer. 

    I highly recommend Dewayne's services to anyone.  This was my third time using him.  In this day and age it is hard to find someone that is honest and truly cares about his clients.
                                       Thanks Dewayne, Chad & Leanne Cragg - Soldotna, Alaska

It was a pleasure working with Dewayne.  He was happy to show us just the listings for vacant property we were interested in.  He never put pressure to look at anything else.  This was true even when I decided to purchase in the low end of the cost spectrum.  Thanks Dewayne.

               Jim & Rita Robinson - Traverse City, MI


After a lovely summer vacation in Traverse City, my husband and I decided we wanted to purchase second home in the area.  Dewayne made myself available to us in the middle of winter and trudged us through freezing homes with our toddler in tow.  Dewayne was delightful and professional and should have earned hazard-pay for his efforts.  He went above and beyond the call of duty and we now are the proud owners of a wonderful home on an inland lake.  Dewayne is very helpful and accessible and willing to accommodate almost any request.  I would sincerely recommend him to a future home buyer, and anticipate using him again in the future.

                         John and Kimberly Lawson - Houston, Texas

My husband and I had some property we needed to sell.  Dewayne found a buyer and made the closing process uncomplicated.  He kept us informed along the way.  Thanks Dewayne!

                Sincerely, Katy & Albert Lannin - Traverse City



Being the first time I had ever worked with a realtor, I must say that it was a real pleasure working with Dewayne this past fall. He took his time and explained everything step by step. Being a resident of south Florida and only my third time to Traverse City I had just 3 weeks time to find a place. If it wasn't for his responsibility, professionalism, organizational abilities and his resourcefulness I would have not been able to find let alone buy a beautiful condo. I would recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling their home.

           Richard Krutak - West Palm Beach, Florida


Dewayne did a great job selling our church parsonage.  He kept us informed each step of the way.  He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

              Tom Durfee - Kingsley Baptist Church - Kingsley, MI



Leave it to us to have to sell our home during a housing slump!  Thank you Dewayne for staying on top of the state of our home, trying new things and encouraging us.  Our house sold in late August much to the credit of your hard work!

  Stephen & Jennie Martinus - New Era, MI  




We listed with another real estate company for 11 months and I think they may have had one showing in all that time.  I thought this was due to the housing market and bad economy.  Our daughter had sold a house through Dewayne and also bought a house recently through him and kept urging us to switch our listing to Dewayne.  Again, I thought no houses were probably selling in our area so didn't take her advice at first. Also the home we were selling was on a lake, and probably considered more of a second home than a principal residence.  Who other than the very rich would be looking for a second home in this economy?

Feeling more desperate by this past June, we did call Dewayne and listed with him.  We had already been advised that he was a real go getter and didn't sit back and wait for the buyers to come to him.  He advertises everywhere and really does his job to the max.  Almost immediately he had more showings for us than the last realtor did!

In October Dewayne performed a feet that still stuns me today.  The Today Show on NBC was doing a real estate segment on homes around the country and they apparently visited Dewayne's website and he convinced them to showcase our home on their show!  We were thrilled when we saw the show because it was an extensive talk and lots of picutres.  A few hours later someone looked at the house, a few hours after that we had an offer!!!

We recently closed on this sale and as I said previously, I'm still in shock.  Truly unbelievable and we are forever grateful to Dewayne for selling our lakefront house in these economic conditions.

I was also very impressed with the amount of pictures and the descriptions he put on his website.  Our former agent only put a few pictures on his site, and I had to ask him about listing our house at places such as Craiglist.  Dewayne does these and many more advertisements without being asked, just standard procedure.

I've done on quite bit here, I can't help it - we are so happy, relieved and extremely impressed with Dewayne's work and will definitely recommend him to anyone we know that is looking to list a property or buy.

Thank you so much Dewayne, sorry if you're blushing, but you are the best at your job!!!

           Sincerely, Mark & Mary Marantette - Kingsley


It was a real pleasure working with Dewayne.  He was so patient through my indecisiveness.  I think he sometimes knew what I wanted before I did!  My experience with Dewayne and Century 21 was such a smooth one.  And now I'm in a house I love!

                           Kathy Nagy - Traverse City, MI

My wife and I have known Dewayne for some time before his real estate career started.  It was because of that time I felt confident selecting him to list our home.  What I expected is exactly what I got, that being consistency in character, dedication to the task at hand, and professionalism through and through.  I did not select Dewayne because he is a friend; I selected him because I was confident he would advise us with our best interest first.  I also knew Dewayne would keep us well informed of any developments, he would be prompt and professional in follow-up to me and others, and that he would be aggressive in the pursuit of relevant sales opportunity.  Now that the home is sold and I can look back on the entire experience, what I expected is what I received.  Possibly the truest test would be if I would re-list with Dewayne after the whole experience knowing what I know now, and I certainly would!  In addition, I will continue as before in recommending him to anyone I know who could utilize the services of not just a good agent but a great agent.

                           Matt & Lauren Wertman  -  Kennet Square, PA

I had my house listed with another company for about 11 months with hardly any activity at all.  I called Dewayne in July and my house closed in August.  Dewayne was very professional and realistic about the selling price I could hope for and the time frame I could be looking at.  He communicated regularly and made sure I was up to speed on everything that was going on.  I would recommend Dewayne to any of my friends.

Thanks again for all your help with my house.    

          Val Klaver - Rockford, MI

We have now bought 2 homes through Dewayne and he has been great on both occasions.  My wife and I are very cautious and particular when making such big decisions and Dewayne took the time to help us sort through the many options with patience.  He has always been willing to show us houses that we come across, share his insights based on the housing market, and make recommendations to us as he runs across opportunities.  If you are looking for a professional, down to earth Realtor that knows his stuff and will not pressure you into making a decision, then you need to call Dewayne Kirkman.

                                   James & Gretchen Palmer - Traverse City, MI

A Dream Come True! I started the daunting task of looking for a home in Traverse City in April 2008. What made the task seem even more insurmountable was the fact I was buying from London. However, Dewayne made the process seamlessly stress-free from beginning to end. His sense of professionalism, promptness and integrity is second to none. He guides you each step of the way with clarity and honesty. If I had to do it all over again, I would not think twice about having Dewayne on my side! A million thanks for making my dream a reality!

    September 2008   Drew Donato-Parayno  -  London, England

I would highly recommend working with Dewayne.  He always came through for us and was easy to contact.  He went over and above for us.

      Thanks.  Gary & Rita Nelson - Traverse City, MI

Thank you for your patience in working with me these past 10 months in assisting me with information and a understanding of the area that would become our permanent home.  With so many beautiful areas in the Grand Traverse region to choose from and so much to see, you made me feel that we were your only clients.  Our transition from Florida to finding a permanent home here would not have been so successful if not for your assistance from showing us homes to helping us find and secure a final mortgage.

Thank you again .... Sincerely,       Paul & Lezli Turowski - Traverse City, MI

Dewayne has been so helpful and he has been so patient with us.  It was very hard to find a house in our price range that felt like home, there definitely were some duds out there.  Some how Dewayne managed to find a house that went above and beyond what we thought we could afford.  Still to this day two months after moving in we still cant believe its really ours.  I will definitely return to Dewayne if we decide to move again and have been telling all of our friends about what a great real estate agent he is.

                                       Kyle & Heidi Johnson - Kalkaska, MI

We had our house listed with a realtor friend of ours for 7 months with little action.  We decided to list our home with Dewayne.  He reviewed our situation and made comparisons with other houses in our area.  He gave us his honest opinion of where our house should be priced to sell.  Within 2 weeks we had steady showings.  We accepted an off after 4 weeks, closing on the sale shortly after.  I particularly liked the way Dewayne utilized the internet by posting over 20 photos of our house.  We have recommended Dewayne to several of our friends, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to you also!

                        Chad & Leanne Cragg - Traverse City, MI

Dewayne listed, marketed, and sold our home on Denie Lane in about 4 months.  We were out of state the entire time.  He handled everything professionally and timely.  We highly recommend him if you want to sell your house.  His marketing sold ours in a very tough market.

                        King & Martha Jean Smith - Branson, MO

The first company we listed our home with (for 9 months) did nothing, and it was costing us $1,600 per month to keep that house.  When we switched to Dewayne, he sold it within weeks!  He treated us as if ours was the only house on the market.  We especially liked the way he kept in constant contact with us.  Thank you Dewayne!

                              Carl and Anna Couturier - Traverse City, MI

Dewayne was a great person to work with!  We were first time homebuyers and very young.  He helped us every step of the way.  We are now in a nice affordable home, and we will definitely go back to him if we ever decide to move!

                             Mathew and Jessica Shaw - Traverse City, MI

In May of 2006 I called Dewayne and told him it was time to buy a home.  I was specifically looking for a condo.  Dewayne lives two and half hours away from me in Traverse City, Michigan and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but it always seemed as if he was right next door.  Dewayne was very accessible whether I left a message on his cell phone, or dropped him and e-mail.  He drove down to GR for viewing condos and for the closing.  Dewayne also helped me find a mortgage broker who answered all my questions, which was a lot!  by the first of July I had purchased my first new home and the process was very smooth and Dewayne took a lot of pressure off the whole buying process.

                      Marcie K. - Grand Rapids, MI


Dewayne was extremely professional, proactive, and comfortable to work with.  He was available to contact at any time. And we were contacted immediately with each new development.  Dewayne's knowledge and friendly demeanor made our quest to buy our first house far less stressful than it could have been.  We would highly recommend his service to anyone.  Thank you Dewayne for all your help.

                            Matt & Anna Weaver- Traverse City, MI

Dewayne made it very easy for us to find a house that would suit our needs. He was there every step of the way and gave us excellent advice about what to look for in a great home. I was surprised to find something so fast with the quality we were looking for and within our budget. Dewayne not only helped us find a house, but he helped us find a house that feels like a home.

          Bryan & Bethany Williams - Interlochen, MI

It took a leap of faith for us to make the move from our home of 14 years in Lake Ann, to the big city of Grand Rapids, so that we could be closer to our soon to be granddaughter. When we decided to put our home on the market, a good friend of ours Pete Torrey recommended Dewayne Kirkman as an agent.

Dewayne helped make our transition flow smoothly. Even before our first meeting he had done a lot of research into our home and came up with a reasonable price, close to what we were thinking. All the time that our home was on the market, Dewayne kept in constant contact with us during the entire process. Even before we had a buyer Dewayne had already looked into the requirements that Benzie County required, which gave us time to prepare and take care of them before the sale, which in turn made the sale go faster and smoother.

Dewayne was not just our realtor, he is now our friend. If you have any reservations about having him as your realtor, We hope that this letter would help you in making your decision

                          Stan & Janet Bristol -Grand Rapids, MI 


Dewayne Kirkman made our success part of his success by being on top of everything every day.  He combines high-tech marketing tools, with old-fashioned customer service and the result was a sale of our home almost before the sign went up; even in this challenging market.  We appreciated his accessibility at any time, and his very broad range of outlets for listing our property. And he has a sense of humor.  What more could we ask?  Thanks, Dewayne.


                        Sincerely, Norma & John Zelenko